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Our policies are what guide us and our customers to have a good and close relationship. Our customers must ensure that all our policies are adhered for us to bring our best to continue to serve them.

Under the revision policy, all the needed conditions and requirements for projects to be revised and returned must be met by our customers to enable us to carry out our on duty effectively. In this policy, revisions are done within 48 to 72 hours after work must have been awarded.

Under the privacy policy, we at Oxbridge Dissertation Help operate in accordance with our policy of none disclosing any names or information that is submitted by our customers. The information our customers submitted to us will remain confidential.

Also, all the submitted works of our customers will never get published in any way without the customer’s approval.

Oxbridge Dissertation Help offers a refund policy as part of the company’s effort to satisfy our numerous customers that come for our services. If any work is not completed as at when due, it is our duty to refund the payment made to the customers. But in some cases, a certain amount is usually deducted in the case when customers do not get our services without any reason. We make sure that everything is transparent and done according to the policy of the company.

Our Terms and Conditions are duly stipulated and made known to our various customers for them to be conversant with the company’s rules and regulations. This is to ensure that they do not breach any of it whatsoever, and we equally reserve the rights to ensure that changes are duly made on the contents and images on our website.