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MBA Dissertation Help

The MBA qualification is considered as a recognized and valuable business management degree all over the world. It is challenging to complete this degree successfully with a good grade and score. For completing this degree the student is required to complete assignments, pass examinations and write dissertation successfully. The MBA dissertation is considered as an integral part for completing MBA degree, but the most important thing is it requires a lot of efforts and time commitment.

MBA Dissertation
MBA Dissertation

As a MBA student, it may be critical to manage time and take extra pressure. Alongside coursework and research duties, it is relied upon to likewise juggle an all day work. Though having a lot of responsibility, it may be difficult to find time to work on a MBA dissertation Help. We have listed few helpful tips that may help you to start your dissertation to start and complete on time.

How to structure the MBA dissertation?

The dissertation format is all most same in all institutions, let’s see the most commonly used dissertation format:

  • Abstract: Abstract is the summary of the whole research work to be conducted. It helps the reader quickly know the purpose of the paper.
  • Introduction: In the introduction section you have to include why the research is to be conducted or the reason behind it. It also includes the problem statement and objectives of the research and also gives an outline of the whole study.
  • Literature Review: In this section you have to give references of different writers, journals, books etc. The literature review will enable you to go deep into the topic and identify the key issues that should be explored.
  • Methodology: The methodology chapter deals with how, why and in what process the research will be conducted. It includes how you are going to gather and analyze data for the research work.
  • Results and Analysis: This step involves analyzing how the data collected and how the research questions are answered and also proves the researcher’s hypotheses.
  • Discussion: This section involves the discussions of research findings. You have to also write how your findings contribute to the research field, profession and documented knowledge related with this topic. In this chapter you may also give recommendations that have been proved by the research work.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion chapter you must sum up the whole study. It gives an overview of the study and literature. You have to write how the objectives, hypotheses, main findings and recommendations related with one another.
  • References: At the end of the whole dissertation writing, you have to make a list of things that you have used or referred to do the whole research work. The main intention of this chapter is to supply the information to the interested reader, researcher or examiner to give a source to read more.

Though the dissertation format may differ from institution to institution, but this idea of the chapters of a dissertation is almost same.

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